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Behind the Location

Our founders Stefan and Viktor discovered the pawrti as an empty shell - and recognized the potential of the location. With a lot of enthusiasm, sweat, and a dose of craziness they turned it into the space you can enjoy today: pawrti - where ideas become reality!


Our Story

The pawrti project started back in 2020 when Stefan and Viktor stumbled upon a space that they knew they could turn into something special. Together, they took over the location from scratch and had a hand in every single detail. They spent countless hours planning and designing the space until it was perfect. During the process, they experimented with many different ideas until they found ingenious solutions, like the unique smart system that combines numerous technical refinements.

We go beyond just offering the perfect location at pawrti. Our space is open to events that we are passionate about. It's a place where cool startups can pitch their ideas, where creative collaborations can come to life, and where networking events that shape the future of work are held. As our customers are usually looking for venues for special and innovative topics, the events held here are often cutting-edge and thought-provoking. This creates a unique and exciting business network.

At pawrti, we believe that events can have a great impact on society, and we want to do our part.


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Meet our founders Viktor and Stefan:

Viktor is an experienced management consultant in his main profession and therefore knows exactly how to implement goal-oriented collaboration in different companies. He's seen firsthand how inspiring spaces can spark creative solutions.

Meanwhile, Stefan, with his extensive background in event management, is the perfect host for your event. As the driving force behind pawrti's day-to-day operations, he ensures that every aspect of your event runs smoothly, allowing you to focus on your guests.

Together, they create unique event spaces that are functional, stylish, and inspiring. They built pawrti from the ground up, planning and implementing every detail with care.


An idea is just an idea.

When and how you execute that idea is what will define the outcome.

Justin Mateen (Co-founder of Tinder)

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